Rachael Shankman -  fine art and illustration
About the Artist

Rachael Shankman was born and raised in northern California, where she continues to live today. Pursuing her lifelong interest in the arts, she holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art, with an emphasis in drawing, as well as a Master's degree in Illustration, from the Academy of Art university in San Francisco. While she enjoys working in a variety of mediums, she finds she favors charcoal, oil paint, and collage. Art, and the joyful act of creating has always been closely integrated with her personal identity, and she finds it a very necessary part of her life. It is in this spirit that she has chosen art as a lifetime career.

Artist's Statement

"I believe my biggest source of inspiration lies in nature, with all of its beautiful colors, textures and designs. I’ve had the privilege of living the majority of my life in some of the most beautiful areas of California. Raised in a family that spent a great deal of time out-of-doors, with a grandfather who dedicated his life to conservation, it is no wonder the natural world has greatly influenced my work. This love of nature surfaces in my colorful landscapes, as well as my use of organic shapes and colors.

Similarly, I have always found myself fascinated with the past and its influence on the present. In my early years of college, I was particularly interested in Archaeology. I was drawn to the strange artifacts and relics for the personal history they held. This interest in old items and their previous human contact began to take root within my art. I began pursuing hobbies of restoration, assemblage, collage and ‘up-cycling’. Whether it was finding something old or discarded and seeing what I could re-create or taking found images and collaging them, I was drawn to the act of creating something new from something old; of blending past with present."